Discovering 10 Second *Fast Without Fasting* Trick that Transformed My Body

How a Simple *Nobel-Winning Secret* helped me
LOST HALF MY SIZE taking me From 203 to 129!

Secret Weight Loss  Fasting Switch 

Hi, my name is Deb. I’m 61. Married for 37 years. Mom of 2. Grandma of 5. And I just recently stumbled upon a way to get my old self back…
I remember back in my 20s and 30s when I used to….
✅ Have plenty of energy from sun up to sun down
​✅ Maintain a slim figure even while living on pizzas
and burgers
✅ Eat what I wanted...WHEN I wanted and not gain
an ounce
✅ Stay in great shape even though I hardly went to
the gym
​✅ Feel confident and comfortable wearing fun form
fitting tops, tanks, and shorts
That was me. UNTIL, somewhere in my early 40s.

fasting switch

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After 40, EVERYTHING went downhill very quickly.

All of a sudden, my small body, which used to be slim and trim, started to gain weight and get bigger in all the wrong places.

My metabolism seemed to have SLOWED to a crawl.

Even my health was getting worse, and I didn't have much energy during the day.

So, I would go to bed earlier at night in the hopes that it would help me get through the next day.

Even when I slept for 12 hours, I was still tired the next day.
I didn't know how bad it had become at the time.

That is, until the holidays, when my husband and I went to California to see his side of the family. He had booked an apartment for us on AirBnB.

When I went into the bathroom, I saw a high-tech computerized scale in the middle of the floor. Our house hadn't had a scale in years.

I was afraid to step on it, but I did anyway, just to see what it said.

209pounds….What? It was definitely wrong.

That moment really got to me.

When I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, I felt so bad about what I saw.

I looked so tired, bloated, and... ahem... "round"

Why did things get so bad? How did I let myself go so far?

I thought about the "scale experience" for the rest of the day. And as I was getting ready for bed that night, I made a choice.

I Was Determined To Get The "REAL ME" Back!

First thing I did when I got back home was start walking.

But, I found out pretty quick that my joints were not going to hold up with all the weight I was carrying at the time.

Then, I started a detox with smoothies and juicing.

I had some success early with it, but found out it left me too hungry, so I ended up snacking and ruining any momentum.

I even tried some weird home remedies that a lady at my local health food store swore by.

Like various concoctions in the kitchen, with pickle juice, apple cider vinegar, lemons, bananas, and more..

While I was on the "natural home remedy" kick, I even tried foot detox pads and putting a peeled onion in my sock.

(...and I'm just a little embarrassed to confess I slept with an onion in my sock...)

(...and I'm just a little embarrassed to confess I slept with an onion in my sock...)

I tried different diets like Keto, counting calories, Paleo, and even went vegan for a month. But none of them helped me lose weight. I started wondering if there was something wrong with my body, so I made an appointment with my doctor to get checked.

What my doctor told me completely surprised me.

Calmly, he reassured me, "Deb, there's nothing to worry about. It's not your fault."
He explained that my weight gain had nothing to do with my diet or exercise routine.
In a hushed tone, he confided in me, as if sharing a secret, "Deb, I've known you and Jack for a long time. And I don't usually tell just anyone this, but I want to show you something I recently learned that can help you."
"It's a bit unconventional, but it's backed by scientific research."
I thought he was going to mention a "magical" pill or supplement he could prescribe, but I was in for a surprise.
He proceeded to tell me about this strange 10-second trick called 'Fast Without Fasting' that he discovered at a conference.
He mentioned three incredible benefits people had experienced with this method:
No need to change eating habits
No need for exercise
It worked remarkably fast
"And it only takes about 10 seconds each day."
He handed me a slip of paper with the website address where I could find all the details.
I couldn't wait to get home and check it out. In fact, I pulled it up on my phone right there in the doctor's office parking lot.
An hour later, I was astonished by everything I learned from the video.
Could something so simple really deliver such quick results?
Questions filled my mind, but my heart told me, "YES! This is the answer you've been looking for!"
Without hesitation, I decided to follow my heart...

99% of People Have Never Even Heard Of This..

So, I've been doing this fasting switch(fasting trick) for a while now, and I am SO EXCITED!

I started seeing effects almost right away. Just like Doc said I would.

The numbers on the scale have been going down since Day 2, and they haven't stopped.

It seems like I get a new piece of clothing every other week.

And I have to pinch myself because I feel like I'm in a dream as I walk through the petite section for women instead of the plus area.

My husband also noticed the change..., if you get what I'm saying. Let's just say that our relationship seems to have a new spark. Even at our age!

Other things I've also noticed since I started doing it is...

✅ My energy has SKYROCKETED. 61 feels more like 30 these days if you ask me!
​✅ I have a satisfied feeling after meals and don’t crave snacks all day.
✅ But, I’m actually eating MORE of my favorite foods. Even Homemade Brownies and Cheesecake. All Guilt- Free!
​✅ My blood sugar levels are better, eventhough, I'm eating more sweets. Who would have thought?
​✅ I sleep more soundly these days, waking up refreshed and energized for the day.

I'm SO Grateful I Followed My Heart, and Not My Head..

When my doctor told me about this weird routine trick, I could have easily ignored him. But I got rid of my doubts.

Now, I love everything about who I've become. It makes me feel like "ME" again.

And from now on, I don't have to worry about my health.

All because I took the time to find out about this old way to burn calories. Who would've guessed?

People are starting to ask me what I'm doing to get these effects so quickly, which makes sense.

So, I've put a link below to the same website where I found out about the practice.

If it's still up, that is.

I knew there was a chance it would be taken down because a well-known pharmaceutical company is planning to sue to keep this way from getting out to the general public.

I guess the smart thing to do would be to go ahead and click over right now to make sure you get a chance to learn this trick for yourself. 👇👇

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Fasting Switch

10 second fasting switch

Weird 10 Second Fasting Switch